Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs: We applaud the work of Project Aladdin to promote the religion of the Other


Dr. Ahmed Toufiq, Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs, received the President and Executive Director of Project Aladdin in Rabat in August 2021. Leah Pisar thanked the Minister for his constant support to the organization since its launch at UNESCO in 2009. In particular, Dr. Toufiq was among the first prominent figures of the Muslim institutions who offered his support to the book, “Know the Religion of Thy Neighbor.” 

The Minister presented his analysis of violent extremism in the name of Islam and the reasons why young Europeans of Muslim faith are sometimes drawn to this pernicious ideology. He also explained the reasons for the success of Morocco’s initiatives to combat this phenomenon. The Minister expressed the full commitment and willingness of his Ministry to help Project Aladdin on the path of tolerance education for young theologians.