The Aladdin Library: a Unique Intercultural Database

Since 2009, millions of copies of Project Aladdin’s books have been downloaded from its website or from more than 80 affiliated online Arabic- and Persian-language bookstores. Aladdin’s books and articles are also available in French, English, Turkish and German. They form an expanding database on the Holocaust, Jewish-Muslim relations, intercultural and social cohesion issues, and the fundamentals of monotheistic religions. The database also includes documentaries and films – such as Claude Lanzmann’s epic documentary, Shoah, which was subtitled in Turkish and Farsi and telecast on Turkey’s main national channel, TRT, and broadcast to Iran by the Persian-language network, Pars TV. Project Aladdin has also participated in the production of two films that highlighted the role of Muslim citizens who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, The Turkish Passport and Free Men. It is an educational partner of Ari Folman’s 2021 animated film, “Where Is Anne Frank?”